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21 Noise

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The first clue that the aether might be ‘noisy’, even dominated by noise, is in the question of light detection. Light spreads out in the manner of a wave, and this means that very little of the emitted energy is available for detection at any point. Current theory accepts, incorrectly as it appears, that all the emitted energy arrives at a single reception event. Since it considers any existence between emission and detection as more mathematical than real, it talks about this detection as the ‘collapse of the wavefunction’, and the destruction of a photon. The new model does not support any of this. Unphysical talk about light sounds like nonsense because it is nonsense. (more…)

2 Encountering Physics

Friday, February 26th, 2010

During the course of my investigations into theoretical physics I have come to know many physicists and to call a number of them my friends. Without exception, these are talented, intelligent, thoughtful, dedicated people who are also great fun to spend time with. It is simply that they have been taught and hold fast to a quasi-scientific belief system that is unsustainable and bizarre.

I do not wish anything I write here or subsequently to suggest that these people are foolish or incompetent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Accessing new understanding that has not existed before is extremely difficult, as the history of science makes clear.

Nevertheless, the theoretical research process in physics is ineffectual and the collective consciousness rogue. There are a relatively small number of incompetents in physics, as there are in all walks of life, and these include some but not all of the most televisually prominent. These are men, invariably, who have immersed themselves in incoherent theory for so long that their grasp on scientific principle and logic has become tenuous. (more…)