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18 Schrödinger

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

What sustains all the metaphysical nonsense promulgated in the name of quantum theory is its mathematical core, and that is something that is immensely accurate and hugely impressive.

Schrödinger’s formula is commonly described as a ‘wave equation’. Given what has been written above about Schrödinger, it is perhaps surprising to find that he never accepted this description, referring in 1952 to the ‘so-called wave picture’[i], and in 1957 to ‘so-called wave mechanics’[ii].

Schrödinger’s view of his own extremely successful equation was therefore somewhat more sophisticated than that attributed to him by Jammer earlier. It is likely that he recognised that there were important structural differences between his equation and the wave equation in use for sound and other wave phenomena, and these will shortly be important. There is nevertheless nothing in it to suggest particles either, and Schrödinger strongly resisted such a conclusion. (more…)