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Monday, June 21st, 2010

To quote from Max Jammer’s ‘The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics’, Erwin Schrödinger consistently ‘interpreted quantum theory as a simple classical theory of waves.  In his view, physical reality consists of waves and waves only.  He denied categorically the existence of discrete energy levels and quantum jumps, on the grounds that in wave mechanics the discrete eigenvalues are eigenfrequencies of waves rather than energies’[i].

Physically, Schrödinger is simply saying that, for example, standing waves require a whole number of wavelengths, or in some situations half wavelengths, that these could provide the discrete energy levels of atoms and, from that, the specific frequencies of emission observed. Schrödinger was meticulously cautious and precise in his criticisms of the Copenhagen Interpretation, and its quasi-corpuscular basis.[ii]

Schrödinger went into this in considerable detail. (more…)