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01 The State of Denmark

Friday, February 26th, 2010

However you slice it, there is something wrong with Physics.

Not with all of it, or even most of it if you measure it paper by scientific paper, or by volume of funding. But there is a problem with its theoretical core, and this is recognised by physicists.

It is, firstly and most obviously, unintelligible. There are many aspects that contribute to this, and we will try to separate these out as we go. We will find that some of these are recognised explicitly by its practitioners, some are recognised implicitly, and there are some to which physicists, in the main, appear oblivious.

It is complex, in a manner and to an extent that is not found anywhere else in science, currently or historically. In the first half of this book we will deconstruct theoretical physics, take it apart idea by idea, and what we will find is that much of it is extraneous and unnecessary. This is not such a surprise as it may seem, as we shall see shortly. (more…)